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DANCE FILM FESTIVAL UK 9 & 10th of August

We are excited to announce our first year of the DANCE FILM FESTIVAL UK, as part of The Fi.ELD Festival 2014 taking place at Stratford Circus.

Dance Film Festival UK supports the dance film industry by giving makers a place to develop, show work and immerse themselves in dance film.


D A N C E     F I L M      S C R E E N I N G S


Dance Film Festival UK offers you the perfect way to immerse yourself in dance film with FREE ENTRY to a series of 5 minute dance films screened throughout the whole day.

The short films are eclectic, conceptual, exciting, topical, breathtaking, some dramatic, varied in themes and dance styles, shot in various different locations all over the world. They have been selected on their ability to demonstrate high quality dance film from different artists working all over the world. With this easy access and relaxed environment come and grab a bag of popcorn, relax and get inspired!

INSIDER INFORMATION... these dance films will be screened as part of our Private Cinema Installation!

The Private Cinema Installation of Short Films is all about the experience. You will enter into a private booth, where an eclectic mix of short dance films will be screened in a unique and secretive way. Enter the booth, put on the headphones and be immersed.


Phone Stratford Circus : 0844 357 2625

Book online : www.stratford-circus.com

Or book in person at Stratford Circus

The Dance Film Festival Team.

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