Maria is a Portuguese dance artist based in London for the past 9 years.

At an early age Maria joined the Conservatoire of the Algarve for classical ballet training, music notation, singing lessons and later contemporary dance. As a teenager Maria discovered street dance and was invited to be part of a musical, 'Morangos com Açucar ao Ritmo da Amizade' which toured Portugal and the Azores Islands.

At the age 16 Maria travelled to London and took a gap year to study Art & Design at the University of the Arts London. The year after she started a BA Hons in Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre were she got familiar with different styles such as tap, musical, contemporary and drama. In her last year Maria specialised in contemporary dance and wrote a dissertation on Spirituality & Dance, a subject that interests her deeply.  In 2015 Maria expanded her interest in altered states through dance and became a Trance Dance Facilitator.

Since LSC, she has worked with various artists internationally such as Russell Maliphant for the documentary Nureyev (2018), Pascal Merighi & Sebastien Ramirez (Saddler's Wells, London), John Ross-Matthew Bourne Choreographer Awards (London), Protein Dance (London), Jean Abreu Dance (London), Jack Murphy (London), Ivan Blackstock (Adidas, London), BBC2- Lucie Pankhurst (London), Cascade Dance Theater (Wales), Ekin Bernay, Block Universe (London), Ollie Palmer (V&A), Yasper Van Luijk (Amsterdam), Company Idem (Switzerland), Jann Gallois - Cie Burnout (France) and Miguel Moreira -Utero (Portugal). Maria’s movement is influenced by several contemporary expressions including Flying Low, Fighting Monkey and martial arts in particular capoeira.

Her authorial work istated in 2010 with "Muladhara" - for Design for Dance, collaboration with Central Saint Martins. "Red Tears", duet with life performer Ekin Bernay (2014), "AGE, the beauty of aging" (2016) both presented at The Place. In 2019 Maria developed a gallery piece to be performed alongside her artwork exposed at CAAA as part of exhibition "Trees Outside the Academy". DEN.TRO is her most recent creation  premiered in Portugal, Teatro das Figuras 2020.

"From tiny finger twitches to huge waves of shuddering motion which emanate from her center, Fonseca’s body is a limitless palette of choreographic invention. A woman both possessed by and in possession of her choreography." Josephine Leask