LONDON STUDIO CENTRE BA Hons in Theatre Dance– Intoto Contemporary Dance Company



Other influences:

Flying Low with David Zambrano

DV8 Physical Theatre Workshop with Hannes Langolf and Ira Mandela

Tanzwerkstatt Munich- Anatomy in Movement with Gill Clark (UK), House Dance with Kapela(France) and Improvisation with Keneth Flak (Norway)

Alvin Ailey Masterclass; Popping Workshop with Suga Pop (USA)

Superior School of Dance and Conservatory of the Algarve, Portugal



Ballet | Contemporary | Improvisation | Choreography | Partnering | Hip-Hop, Popping, Locking | House | Capoeira



Quintette. Cie Burnout | Jann Gallois. Paris


Quintette. Cie Burnout | Jann Gallois. Paris

Solo for Two. Jean Abreu Dance. Espaco do Tempo (Portugal) & The Edge CoLAB | Virtual world & Dance (UK)

MovementPlay Workshop Asia- Seoul & Hong Kong

Fronteiras (work in progress) Choreographer: Maria Fonseca


Cascade Dance Company. Choreographers: Yasper Van Luijk, Jem Treyas and Phill Williams. Producers: Roy & Ann Campbell Wales

An Orgy of One (aka Nuryev) | Documentary Cannes Fim Festival 2018. Choreographer: Russel Maliphant. Director Janqui & David Morris

Scent of a Dream. Choreographer: Nathan Mitchell. Charlotte Tilbury

(A) Thread. Jean Abreu Dance. Choreographer: Jean Abreu. UK & Brasil

Company Idem. Choreographer: Clement Bugnon & Matthias Kass. Switzerland

IDADE, the beauty of ageing. Choreographer: Maria Fonseca. The Place, Resolution 2016

Reunion. Short film.  Director: Avril Furness.


KAI. Winning film from Magnum &  iD's vie magnifique competition. Director: Andre Cumming. Choreographer: Aoi Nakamura & Esteban Farmoi

(A) Thread. Jean Abreu Dance. Choreographer: Jean Abreu

Exposed, Company Idem. Choreographer: Clement Bugnon & Matthias Kass. Lausanne (Switzerland)

A Positive life, Autin Dance Theatre. Choreographer: Johnny Autin.

Art of Love, Sagami (commercial). Choreographer: Russel Maliphant. Production C: STINK

Silver Moon, Autumn Moon Project. Choreographer: Julia Cheng. China Town Arts Space


Little Sheep, New Adventures Choreographer Award, John Ross Dance. Choreographer: John Ross

(In) Visible Dancing. Protein Dance Theatre. Choreographer: Luca Silvestrini

(A) Thread, Jean Abreu Dance. Dancer and Rehearsal Assistant

Mentaly Zero, Zamira Kate Company. Choreographer: Kate Mummery. Swallow Festival, Brighton

In-Finite Space, IJAD Dance Company. Choreographer: Joumana Mourad, The Vaults and Kings Place

RED TEARS, Resolution 2014 ! Choreographer: Maria Fonseca. Robin Howard Dance Theatre


Victor Frankenstein Film. Director: Paul McGuigan, Choreographer: Jack Murphy

Nybble Installation Dance by Ollie Palmer. John Madjeski Garden- V & A Museum London

925 & Heartbeats Scotland Tour. Dancer. Choreographer: Christina Ghustard- Xena Produtions. Bright Night International.

Lost Generation (music video), Dancer. Artist: Rizzle Kicks. Director: Jamie Thraves, Choreohrapher: Litza Blixer, Assistant C: Mandy Liddell

Riot OffSpring. Dancer. Choreographers: Mafalda Deville, Pascal Merighi , Sebastien Ramirez, Ivan Blackstock, Simeon Qsyea. Saddler's Wells Theatre

Adidas Q1 Launch Holland 20th May 2012, Dancer/Model. Choreographer: Ivan Blackstock. Artistic Director: Melinda Dodd. Amsterdam

As Aventuras de Joao Sem Medo- Celebration of the Portuguese Language, Dancer/Choreographer: Maria Fonseca and Nuno Queimado. LambethTown Hall, London

The Nick Helm Pilot Spectacular, Dancer. Choreographer: Lucie Pankhurst. BBC Television Centre

Choreographic Challenge- Collabo 2013, Dancer. Choreographer Shean Graham. Stratford Circus

Meth (Media Eats The People), Dancer. Choreographer: Ivan Blackstock and dancers. Lilian Baylis, RichMix

Reverie, Dancer. Choreographer Ivan Blackstock and dancers. Resolution 2013- Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Lilian Baylis

Love Me Now. Dancer. Artist: Black Seeds, Director: Vibol Moeung- Foxtree Studio’s

Optic Venture- Triple Bill for Far From The Norm Dance Company, Dancer. Choreographer: Botis Seva and dancers. The Broadway Theatre

Pulsar, Principal Dancer (Dance & Sign Language). Choreographer/Director: Nuno Silva, Mértola-Portugal

Intimate Stranger, Dancer. Choreographer: Nuno Campos Legacy, Dancer. Choreographer: Darren Ellis All of us in a place, Dancer. Choreographer: Ben Wright, all by Intoto Dance Company at Robin Howard Theatre- The Place

Suspended Awe for Wavelength Dance Company (Physical Theatre). Choreographer: Eileih Muir and dancers. Bernie Grant Arts Centre

Picture Perfect? Blue Pint Bursary Tour, Dancer. Choreographer/Dir: Joseph Toonga, Just Us

Dance Company, Stratford Circus, Lillian Baylis Studio, Greenwich Dance Agency

Momentos Tour, Dancer. Choreographer: Joseph Toonga, Just Us Dance Company, The

Royal Opera House-Clore Studio, Uchenna Dance – Rich Mix,

Live Vibe, The Tabernacle, Outspoken dance

Muladhara. Choreographer: Maria Fonseca. Choreographic assistant: Julia K. Gleich. Design for dance collaboration with CentralSaintMartins. Designer: Kate Felicity, Cochrane Theatre

Walking on the Moon, Dancer. Artist: KrisMenace feat Emile. Director: Zac Ella. Choreographer: Kate Mummery

Rules Of Love (film musical BBC 2), Dancer. Choreographer: Lucie Pankhurst. Serena Cullen

Productions. Director: Candida Julian-Jones.Company: UINIT

2009 Candy Girl (Music Video) Dancer. Artist: George Sampson, Choreographer: Mukthar Omar Sharif

Morangos com Açucar ao Ritmo da Amizade (musical tour), Dancer/ Actress. Production: PLANO 6 Director: Ana Rangel Choreographer: Ricardo Ambrósio, Teatro Tivoli, Lisbon: Portugal

Yoga, Drawing, Hiking, Qi-Kung, Kalaripayattu, Bamboo Flute, Horse Ridding, Rollerblading, Swimming, Motorcycle & Car License