When the dancer dissapears and
you become the dance.
- Osho

Insight about Trance Dance

The body is a device to calculate the astronomy of the spirit' - Rumi

Trance dance is a call to journey deeper into yourself... An invitation to cross the bridge of duality, dissolve mundane matters and dance into a more expanded state of consciousness.

It is fundamental to create sacred environments and practises, particularly in big cities, in which one can feel safe to connect, let go and expand. Rituals such as Trance Dance are vital to keep us in touch with deeper aspects of ourselves, to return home, to a place of love, joy and well-being. Trance Dance is the time and space for that. An opportunity for self-discovery, to heal body & mind, release any limiting patterns and focus on what truly matters for you, now, in your evolution as a human being so that you can live to your full potential!

Everyone from all paths of life is welcome.

Trance dancing has its roots in ancient shamanic traditions, it has been practised for more the 35 thousand years in various tribes & cultures around the world as a medium of altering consciousness through dancing to powerful rhythms that help connect to our spiritual realm. This 'trance' state which can be compared to the periods of deep sleep & dreams, taps into the most subconscious parts of ourselves where true healing, clarity and insight can take place and unswears to questions can be found. This journey is a modern adaptation of such rituals for a generation of people that are part of a fast paced world that so often get's us lost amongst its numerous distractions. Trance Dance uses a blindfold, a transformational breathing pattern, intuitive body movements and powerful rhythms to help induce an expanded state of consciousness and loosen the left-brain dominance on our minds. Trance is induced with a rhythmic beat or rattle, which allows the shift of consciousness by stimulating the peripheral nervous system.

Join us... allow yourself to go beyond the world of the five senses and open new doors and possibilities within your being.Every time you will step into the unknown darkness you will gradually learn to surrender to the state and are likely to attain deeper experiences.

Now is the time to make your intentions manifest



24 JUNHO 2023

20:30-23:00 h


Avenida da Brasilisa 254



[Closest Metro: Cais do Sodre- Train Stop - Santos]

25 € Early Bird (23/04)

35 € After

45 € At Door


For bookings and enquiries, email:



Facilitator: Maria Fonseca

Maria is a professional dancer and qualified Shamanic Trance Dance facilitator. As a professional dancer, Maria started to question various things: How does dance influences the self? Can it be healing? This quest evolved into a dissertation, 'Spirituality & Dance' where she has looked into ancient and contemporary forms of spiritual dances such as the Native American Ritual Dances, the Whirling Dervishes and Osho Active Meditations among others. Maria has got a wide experience in working the body & mind with diverse groups of people and is exited to provide a safe space for you to explore and evolve. Dance has not only become a practice but a way of living for her, the greatest medicine, teacher and medium for self- discovery and balance.

"Dance is an extremely powerful tool that has the ability to move with all aspects the self. It helps you get rid of the mental, emotional and physical clutter and allows space for new possibilities, health and consciousness in your life. It is nothing new to us...it is simply forgotten and our society needs to remember it, urgently for our own health and evolution as human beings. I believe every human being has a power within them waiting to be ignited and I am happy to hold a safe space where you can encounter, manifest and expand through the sacred dance" - Maria


"As soon as I entered the room I felt safe, the way Maria had set the space made me immediately trust her and the process. Each journey is completely different, I recommend it to adventurers who like to dive deep." - Ines A.

"When I first heard about the dance I was intrigued but did not know what to expect. For me the whole journey was transcendental as I experienced new layers of myself I had never felt before. The more I just let go, the more I felt the potency and depth of the sacred dance. I found the session very therapeutic and most of all amazing fun too! I can't wait for the next one and see where I will journey too"- Lee H.

"It was so nice to meet Maria and experience the way she delivers and holds the space. She did it in a very natural way, creating a safe space for deep trance state. A lot came during the session relevant to the path I am right now." - Regina G.

"I understood a lot in 2h maybe a lot more than I thought I was going to. It reminded me of meditation but as the body is moving I found it much more powerful and intense. I felt some sensations inside that I've almost never experienced before. My mind and body felt lighter and harmonious."- Romain WR.


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